3*M GCH R R Resources Velveeta


Sire's sire:+B Five-BK Farm Kling To Her
Sire:+B GCH R R Resources Perchik
Sire's dam:Nubilop-Acres Lollipop

Dam's sire:+B Manges-Colony Kaleidoscope
Dam:2*M GCH R R Resources New Beginnings
Dam's dam:1*M R R Resources Honey (NOP)

Velveeta is a 75% recorded grade experimental. She is G6S normal on progeny. We are so very pleased with Velveeta and she freshened with a glued on udder in 2007! She is a HUGE doe, deep bodied and terrific conformation.

Velveeta passed away on 3/1/2017. She will be sorely missed!

Her show record:


Central Point:
2 times 1st out of 1, two junior grands and one best doe in show

Grants Pass:
1st out of one and reserve junior grand

Grants Pass: 1 time 1st out of 4 and junior grand, one time 3rd out of 6.
also 1st out of 4 in poroduce of dam (with Satin), 2nd out of 3 for get of sire (with Star and Sable)

I have had trouble getting someone to keep my records during the show and misplaced some of my records when we moved, but Velveeta won two senior grands, the last one was in 2009. So she is a finished grand now!

1x 1st out of 2 in CH Challenge
1x 2nd out of 2 in Ch Challenge

2 x 3rd out of 3 in Ch Challenge

Milk records:

2-00 1010 54 41 (avg butterfat 5.3%) She kidded with no milk and had a mummified kid in there, so she didn't come into much milk

2-10 1800 86 67 (avg butterfat 4.8%)

4-09 1920 96 71 (avg butterfat 5%)

5-10 1460 75 55 (avg butterfat 5.1%) 270 days

6-09 1110 51 39 (avg butterfat 4.6%) 195 days

8-09 1100 54 37 (avg butterfat 4.9%) 261 days

9-09 810 36 29 (avg butterfat 4.4%)203 days

Linear appraisal scores

6 years old 91 EEEV

8 years old 88 VEEV