Pictures of Velveeta

Velveeta 6 years old

Velveeta as a 6 year old

Velveeta rear dry

Velveeta rear veiw as a dry yearling

Velveeta silly picture

I always put a silly picture on when I get one of my permanant grand champs. I can just hear her in this one"Hurry up! Can't you see it's MY turn in the ring???"

Velveeta side udder 1st

It's hairy and dirty, but this is the only udder picture I apparently took of Velveeta. It's her first freshening udder. I will get a new one during the photo shoot this summer!

Velveeta side udder 6 years old

Here's another dirty udder picture, sorry! This is at 6 years old

Velveeta side udder 6 years old

One more dirty picture from her at 6 years old. I will get nice, clean, clipped up pictures this summer!