1*M R R Resources Zsa Zsa


Sire's sire: +B Manges-Colony Kaleidoscope
Sire:+*B R R Resources Tons Of Flash
Sire's dam:1*M R R Resources Lil' Nugget

Dam's sire: Unknown
Dam:The El Iu's Laura's Granny Bea
Dam's dam: Unknown

Casein tested, she is A/A

Zsa Zsa is looking VERY nice so far. Her older sister we had freshen last year had about the nicest udder we have ever had in our herd. The only reason I sold her was I did not like her shoulder assembly. Zsa Zsa has much nicer shoulders and looks very similiar in every other way to that doe. So I'm hoping she'll have the fabulous udder her big sis had!
Zsa Zsa freshened with the udder I had hoped! She will definitely be staying here. She is G6S normal.
Zsa Zsa has always thrown beautiful quality kids no matter who I breed her to. I am now breeding her to Fiddler and wish I could keep a daughter of that breeding, they are SO nice! But I really only plan on keeping one daughter out of each doe and Daisy is so great she will be here forever. So my loss can be your gain! Don't miss one of her terrific daughters!

Her show record

1x 1st out of 6, reserve grand and best udder of breed
1x 1st out of 5 and grand champion

1x2nd out of 3, 1 x 3rd out of 4

2 x 1st out of 3, 1 time reserve grand, 1st out of 4 in get of sire, 1st out of 3 best three senior does, 1st out of 3 in milking herd

2 x 2nd out of 6, 2nd out of 3 get of Sire, 1st out of 3 best 3 seniors, 1st out of 3 milking herd

2 times 2nd out of 3, 1st out of 5 for dam and daughter with Daisy, 2nd out of 3 for best three seniors, 1st out oif 3 foir best dairy herd

1x3rd out of 7, 1x 4th out of 4, 2nd out of in dam and daughter, 3rd out 6 for best three seniors and milking herd

1x2nd out of 4, 1x 1st out of 4 and reserve grand, 1st oyt of 1 in dam and daughter, 1st out of one in best three milkers, 1st out of 2 in milking herd

Zsa Zsa was on the top ten list for her butterfat and her protien in 2013! Plus for her butterfat in 2014 and 2015.

Milk records:

2-00 1500 76 57 (avg butterfat 5.1%)

2-11 1930 87 69 (avg 4.5%)

3-11 2490 120 90 (avg butterfat 4.8%) 330 days 2600 127 95

4-11 2100 105 75 (avg butterfat 5%) 304 days

5-11 2450 116 86 (avg butterfat 4.7%) 333 days 2520 121 90

6-11 1600 83 60 (avg butterfat 5.2%) 312 days 1610 83 60

7-11 2129 89 78 (avg butterfat % 4.2) 330 days 2194 94 91

Linear appraisal scores:

2 years old 87 E+EV

4 years old 85 VVEV

6 years old 87 VEEV

8 years old 90 VEEE