5*M GCH R R Resources Xstar Velvet


Sire's sire:+B Manges-Colony Kaleidoscope
Sire:+*B R R Resources Tons Of Flash
Sire's dam:1*M R R Resources Lil' Nugget

Dam's sire:+*B Longman's Triple Smooth Blend
Dam:4*M R R Resources Dotted Velvet
Dam's dam:3*M R R Resources Spring's Satin

Casein tested, she is A/A

Xstar is a beautiful doe and G6S normal. Her udder is extremely nice and I think she's going to do well as she matures. She lost her babies during her 2nd pregnancy, so she will be missing a lactation, but I think she still will turn out to be a great doe. She won a reserve grand as a 1st freshener. Her daughter we kept in 2013 won her junior grand and best junior doe in show!

XStar is coming up to eleven years old this year and she looks beautiful! I don't know how many more times she will be having babies, but I am excited to see how long she hold up so nicely.

show records:
I had some trouble with my records for her before 2011, she did win a reserve grand in 2009.

Here is her 2011 record:
2x 1st out of 3 and 1x grand champion

She got mastitus so she was last place in her classes in the one ring I showed her in for 2012 and 2013. I'm hoping I got it out enough she will keep her udder in 2014...

Her 2014 record:
2x1st, 2 grand champion, 1 best doe in show! Obviously she got her whole udder back this year!
1st in best 3 seniors, 1st in milking herd, 2nd out of 3 get of sire

2016 record
1x2nd out of 3 and 1x 3rd out of 3, 1st out of 4 in dam and daughter with bedazz

Milk records:

1-11 1700 84 66 (avg butterfat 4.9%)

3-11 1860 90 71 (avg butterfat 4.8%)

4-11 1200 54 42 (avg butterfat 4.5%) Dried up early because of my surgery so only 198 days....also she got mastitus

5-11 920 38 35 (avg butterfat 4.1)only 224 days and she got mastitus back

6-11 1530 69 57 (avg butterfat 4.5%) 268 days

7-11 1180 57 42 (avg butter4fat 4.8%) 236 days

9-00 1020 47 40 (avg butterfat 4.6%) 162 days

Linear appraisal record:

4 yrs 85 VEV+

6 yrs 87 VVVV

8 yrs 89 EEEV

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