4*M The Elegance Of A Willow

DOB: 4/15/06

Sire's sire: All 4 Winds EK Mountain Elk N1335365
Sire: +B All 4 Winds Freeway Of Love N1347382
Sire's dam: Cam's-Managerie DY Diva N1180278

Dam's sire: +B Five-BK Farm Kling To Her N1035857
Dam: 3*M R R Resources Twiggy GE1312543
Dam's dam: 2*M R R Resources Ramie GE1240735

Willow is a medium size doe, but very correct in her conformation. She is G6S normal, tested in '07. She has an awesome udder capacity for her small frame, but could use more rear udder. Look at her milk records to see, she out milks quite a few of my bigger does! She also tends to milk well late in her lactation which I LOVE.

Here is her show record in '07:

Central Point
1st out of 13

Grants Pass
4th out of 12
6th out of 9

Milk records:

2-01 1810 83 79 (avg butterfat 4.6%)319 totals 1850 85 72

3-01 2150 117 84 (avg butterfat 5.4%)

4-01 1750 81 66 (avg butterfat 4.6%)

4-11 1630 78 60 (avg butterfat 4.8)only 265 days

Linear appraisal scores:

5 years old 83 +VVA

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