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I always make sure to let people know we have wattles in our bloodline. So I decided to just put it on the website. When I sell an animal I want the buyer to know ALL about it! : )

We get about 25% or less of the kids born with wattles in our herd. It doesn't matter what doe is bred to what buck, it's totally random. I've watched the breedings and the wattles and it doesn't make any difference who it is, they have a 50/50 chance or less of being born with wattles.

The interesting thing is before I bought my registered stock in '97 I never had a wattle in the bunch! Go figure!

Anyway, I routinely "rubberband" any wattles on kids that may be registered, but I leave them on the wethers. That's why most of the kids and adults don't show wattles. It's not a big deal to most people, but I just want anyone looking at my animals to know, wattles or not, it's in my bloodline. So any animal bought from me will have the potential to throw wattles into their kids. They are easy to remove, or you can just leave them on, your choice. I can explain how if you decide to buy any of my goats, so you can take them off if you get any with wattles. I was told by one of the breeders I bought one of my 1st registered goats from (Maureen Dolan) that they show better without wattles. The nubians are to have long slender necks and the wattles will take away that look. That's why I take them off anything that may be registered (or recorded) and might be shown.

If you are not sure what wattles are just take a look at my Ramie below. Hers are brown at the top and black about halfway down. They are just little things that hang under the neck. I have had a doe born with them on her ears once, like earrings! They came off just as easily as normal and you couldn't even tell she ever had them. I wish they had been on a wether, someone might have liked them left on! It was really cute! : )