1*M R R Resources Tinkerbell: DOB: 5/21/98
50% recorded grade

                   Sire's sire: Manges-Colony Julias *B

Sire: +B Manges-Colony Kaleidoscope

                   Sire's dam: C/F Picasso's Hurricane
                   Dam's sire: nubian

Dam: Zowey-3/4 nubian 1/4 alpine

                   Dam's dam: nubian/alpine

Tink is a brown doe with black facial and leg markings and white polka dots on her body. She was a 1st time freshener in spring of 2000, she had triplets and produced over one gallon of milk per day. She is a long, tall doe.  I kept a doe from her in 2001 and her doe won her junior grand, while being in the youngest class at Roseburg, in the 1st ring she went into!  Tink freshened with mastitus in 2001 on one side, but still milked well over a gallon a day  with the one side almost dry! Tink gave me three boys again in 2002, not too pleasing to me!
Tink ended up with the same udder losing ground that she had the mastitus in last year, but she still did alright on her milk testing for me. I wish I could have shown Tink, but I don't think that side will ever even out now. Her kids look very nice though.......

Take a look at her daughter
Pixie. We will continue to breed Tink to Pixie's sire each year. I'm VERY pleased with Pixie and would like another doeling for us to keep. Pixie has a beautiful udder, shape, attachment and quantity.
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