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2*M R R Resources Sable
75% recorded grade
DOB: 3/24/03
                   Sire's sire: +B Five-BK Farm
Kling to Her
Sire: +B GCH R R Resources
                   Sire's dam: Nubilop-Acres Lollipop
                   Dam's sire: +B Manges-Colony
Dam: 1*M R R Resources Chilly
                   Dam's dam: Wendy (unregistered nubian)

Sable is a beautiful doe She is a solid, well put together doe and I have high hopes for her udder. her dam milked a large quantity for such a smnall doe, but Sable is my biggest doe I kept from 2003! I freshened another doe the same breeding in 2003 and her rear udder was the best we've had in our herd. Sable freshened with a beautiful udder and is VERY easy to milk. Perchik did wonderful on her!

Her show record:

Central Point: 2x4th out of 4
Grants Pass:6th out of 7
in 2003 she was really being suseptible to the heat and she went down on her pasturns at both shows. I increased the BoSe and none of our kids did this in 2004.

Grants Pass: 1st out of 4
2nd out of 6 in the produce of dam class

Central Point:2x2nd out of 3
Grants Pass:1st out of 5

Sable didn't breed in fall of 2005, so these show records are with her already milking for well over a year!
Central Point:
3rd and 4th out of 6

Grants Pass:
2nd and 3rd out of 4
2nd out of 4 for produce of dam
2nd out of 3 for get of sire

Sable placed on the top ten list for her 2005 lactation. She was 5th on milk production, 2nd on butterfat and 5th on protien in the nation. We are very proud of Sable!

We are hoping Sable will breed fine this fall with
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