2*M GCH R R Resources Peppermint Stick

DOB: 2/27/01

Sire's sire: ++*B CH Manges-Colony Hercules
Sire: +B Five-BK farm Kling To Her
Sire's dam: Regehrs Ace's Ellie-Mae

Dam's sire: Archie-unregistered saanen
Dam: 1*M R R Resources Honey (NOP experimental)
Dam's dam: Winny- unregistered nubian

Peppermint is a 50% recorded grade experimental. She tested G6S normal in May 2011. Peppermint is a big doe and has a huge milk vein(she gets compliments on the milk vein almost every time she is shown!). She is one of our best milkers. Peppermint has teats too big for my standards and they are not even, but she is one of our best milkers and obviously the judges didn't mind the teats much. : ) Her udder attachment is very nice, it's held up good with the amount of milk she has. She does have those wild airplane ears, but that's not what the judges look at and you don't milk the ears! Her kids have pendelous ears, so hopefully she will continue to throw better ears. I am VERY pleased with Peppermint!

Peppermint's daughters have been very easy to milk and smaller teats, very nice does!

Peppermint is 10 years old now. Last summer a barn door fell on her hips when she was in the milking stand. It threw her off the stand, but she seems to have recovered alright. We'll see how she kids this spring and decide how she REALLY is though. She is bred to Yentil this year, so it will be nice to see what her kids look like with a 3rd buck now. So far, the 2 bucks we've used she's always thrown wonderful kids. I appreciate a doe that always has nice quality kids no matter what buck you use on her.

She kidded in 2011 easily with a beautiful doeling out of Yentil. This daughter Bon Bon will be staying in the herd so we'll be able to see how she turns out.

We did a one day milk test at the fair in August 2003 and Peppermint earned her *M with a whopping 24.1 points as a 1st freshener!!

Peppermint earned her spot on the top ten list in 2005, 2006 & 2008

Here is her show record:

Roseburg: 2nd out of 8 and Jr. reserve grand,1st out of 8 and Jr. reserve grand
Central Point: 1st out of three and 2nd out of 3
Grants pass: 4th out of 6

Central Point: 3rd out of 4 and 2nd out of 4
Grants Pass: 2nd out of 8 and junior reserve grand,1st out of 3 in produce of dam and 2nd out of 3 in get of sire

Central Point: 2x 1st out of 3
Grants Pass:1st out of 4, best udder in class, best udder in breed, grand champion, she won the champion challenge so best of breed too. She also won 1st ouf 5 in produce of dam and 1st place in get of sire and dairy herd. She done good!

Grants Pass: 1st out of 3, Grand champion, best udder and best of breed, produce of dam with Ramie they won 1st out of 6,get of sire with Tawny and Eve they won 1st out of 3 and she won the dairy herd with Newbe and Ramie.

Central Point: 2x1st out of 1 one grand champion, but we were one short of the # to sanction, so she did not earn a leg
Grants Pass:1st out of 3, grand champion, she won the champion challenge, best udder of breed and best of breed
Peppermint and Ramie won 1st out fo 5 for produce of dam, Peppermint and Vanilla won 2nd out of 6 for Dam and daughter, Peppermint, Satin and Tawny won 1st out of 3 for get of sire, Peppermint, satin and Ramie won 1st out of 2 for milking herd.

Milk records:

4-00 3230 135 108 (avg butterfat 4.2%)311 day totals: 3240 136 109 She made the top ten list

5-00 3200 117 103 (avg butterfat 3.7%) 319 day totals 3230 118 104 She made the top ten list

6-00 3000 118 99 (avg butterfat 3.9%)

7-00 2630 100 89 (avg butterfat 3.8%)She made the top ten list

8-00 2500 100 81 (avg butterfat 4.0%)

9-00 1330 51 41 (avg butterfat 3.8%)only 171 days, I chose to dry her up early

10-00 1020 40 34 (avg butterfat 3.9%)only 220 days, I dried her up early

Linear Appraisal scores:

10 years old: 88 VEEV She was injured as a 9 year old and is pretty crippled up as a ten year old, but she still came back with a decent score!

Peppermint is now gone, she held up very well after her injury until we had to put down her old friend Newbe in spring of 2012 because Newbe had shattered her hip. Early in 2013 we decided to put peppermint down as she was having trouble walking and losing weight. She had a great life and will always be remembered here. We will miss her!