2*M R R Resources Penny

DOB: 02/28/2001

Sire's sire:*B Manges-Colony Julias
Sire: +B Manges-Colony Kaleidoscope
Sire's dam: C/F Picasso's Hurricane

Dam's sire:++*B CH Manges-Colony Hercules
Dam:1*M GCH Five-BK Farm Kahlua
Dam's dam:Nishna-View Kaktrina's Joy

Penny is G6S normal. Penny is a beautiful doe and she freshened with a BEAUTIFUL udder. Her attachment is VERY nice. Her teats are a little too wide and she needs a bit more suspension ligament to bring them down more, but other than that she is a wonderful doe. She has held up well over the years except an injury to one of her rear feet. Because of that her rear pasturns have both dropped some. Her topline and udder have held up wonderfully as a 10 year old doe.

Her show record:
ROSEBURG - 3rd in a class of 5, twice
CENTRAL POINT - 1st in a class of 2, twice and one junior grand championship
GRANTS PASS - 2nd in a class of 4, 2nd in a class of 6 for produce of dam

GRANTS PASS - 1st in a class of 7, 1st in a class of 5 for produce of dam and junior grand champion

Grants Pass: 5th out of 9

Grants Pass: 3rd out of 4
Unfortunately Penny got mastitus in spring on 2004 and her udder was severely lopsided. BEFORE she got it her udder was just beautiful! Nice rear udder, plenty of milk, but then it was about 1/3 as big on one side. I knew she would place last at the show, but I took her as she was the only milker I would have had at home and it was the fair, so she would be alone all week. I was truly shocked when she placed 3rd out of 4!! I have never had a severely lopsided doe do anything except last place! She really is an outstanding doe and I am hoping her udder will even out in 2005. Her teats were not out as much this year, her suspension ligament was better. I had not been giving enough BoSe and it really seems to have improved my suspension ligaments in the herd now that I've increased it.

Central Point:
I had trouble getting someone to keep my records, so I'm not sure how many were in her classes. She placed 2x 1st and two times reserve grand
Grants Pass:
1 time 1st out of 5 and reserve grand
1 time 3rd out of 6.
2nd out of 12 for dam and daughter
1st out of 5 in get of sire

2nd out of 3

Milk test records:

4-01 1280 56 48 (average butterfat 4.4%)

5-01 1390 58 53 (average butterfat 4.2%) She developed mastitus this year and it took me several years to get rid of it totally

6-01 900 39 33 (average butterfat 4.3%)

7-01 840 35 31 (average butterfat 4.2%) only 148 days on test

8-00 1040 49 39 (average butterfat 4.7%)

9-00 650 31 25 (average butterfat 4.7%) Only 139 days, I dried her up early

10-00 730 33 27 (avg butterfat 4.5%)only 221 days in milk

Appraisal scores:

10 years old: 87 VVE+

Penny had some problems at 12 years old, we feel she went into a deep depression after the loss of her old friend Newbe in spring of 2012. She lost weight, stopped going out with the others except old Peppermint. We decided it was best to put her down when we had to put Peppermint down early in 2013. She had a wonderful life here and was out of one of our foundation does, Kahlua. She was such a sweet mellow girl and will be missed here.