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1*M R R Resources Lil' Nugget  DOB: 5/12/2000
Sire's sire: +*B CH Manges-Colony Hercules

Sire: +B  Five-BK Farm Kling To Her

Sire's dam: Regehrs Ace's Ellie-Mae
Dam's sire: Spring's-Meadow King of Hearts

Dam: Nubilop-Acres Lollipop

Dam's dam: Nubilop-Acres Golden Needle

Nugget is a smaller doe, so far. I'm hoping she will mature bigger.  Nugget showed in three shows in 2000 with her best placing at Grants Pass at 3rd out of 11 in her class. In 2001 she went to Roseburg, Central point and Grants Pass  with her best placing being 1st out of ten does and receiving a junior reserve grand. If she were a bigger doe she would have done great, but her size has held her back.
Nugget placed very well in 2002 for her being so small. Her udder is one of the best shaped in my herd right now, it just is not that big.

Her 2002 show placings were:

Central Point: 3rd and 4th out of 8. She was beat by Longman's and Baa Humbug farm with some BEAUTIFUL does, so I feel Nugget did well to place where she did with her being so small and her udder being small too.

Grants Pass: She placed 4th out of 9, not as good as I had hoped, but she still held her own in a big class.

Her 2003 show placings:
Central Point: 1x3rd, 1x5th out of 5
Grants Pass: 4th out of 5

Grants Pass: 1st out of 4!!

Nugget did pretty good on her milk test, but she was the lowest producer, being a 1st freshener and low capacity, but she still did pretty good, she earned her *M. Her peak on her butterfat was 8.6%,  second highest in the herd until I sold Wendy. Now Nugget is the highest butterfat in our herd...She has a LOT of potential with her conformation and udder attachment and shape.  I would highly recommend her kids, bucks or does.
I've kept one daughter that freshened in 2005 and she won a reserve grand at Central Point! We also have a dry yearling doe and kept her son Flash.

We sadly had to retire Nugget in 2006. We tried for 2 years (using two vets) to clear up a uterine infection. She can no longer breed. She will be greatly missed in our herd. We are very happy we had decided to keep three of her kids!             
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