2*M R R Resources New Beginnings


Sire's sire: *B Manges-Colony Julias
Sire: +B Manges-Colony Kaleidoscope
Sire's dam: C/F Picasso's Hurricane

Dam's sire: Archie-nonregistered saanen
Dam: 1*M R R Resources Honey - NOP experimental
Dam's dam: Winny- nonregistered nubian

Newbe is a 50% recorded grade experimental, but as you can see by her pedigree info she is actually 3/4 nubian. She tested G6S normal in May of 2011. Newbe is a large doe with a great udder capacity. I would have liked better foreudder, but according to the judges it's exceptable! Newbe has had 16 kids in her 1st 4 freshenings, quads every year! It's taken it's toll, but she is still completely healthy and ready to breed. her pasturns are holding up terrific, even with producing 16 very large kids (the one set I weighed, the smallest was 9.5lbs, the biggest was 11.5lbs)for us so far.

Newbe had triplets so now 19 kids in 5 freshenings! She is starting to show the wear this year, 19 kids and 20lbs of milk a day, I'm not suprised!

Newbe has been a wonderful doe and is now pregnant at 11 years old. I so happy with her with the number of kids she's had and her amount of milk and being in terrific condition at 11 years old! She did take two years off, which I'm not happy about, but the first one was need, with 19 kids and putting so much milk in the bucket she needed a break after her first 5 kiddings. She also lost her babies as a 10 year old after a 3 day fight with a younger doe. Now she seems to be PG again and in perfect health and condition. She is now a permanant grand champion, she's been on the top ten list for her protien once and her daughter in our herd (Velveeta)is now a permanant grand champion.

Her show record:
She was shown in 2000 at three shows, 5 rings total.
Her 2000 placings were as follows:
Roseburg, class of 3-2x2nd
Cental Point, class of 2-2x1st
Grants Pass, class of 5- 1st place

Her 2001 placings were:
Roseburg, class of 3-1x3rd,1x1st
Central Point, class of 2-2x2nd, one junior reserve Grand
Grants Pass she only had one in her class, but she and two of our other does placed 1st out of 5 for get of sire!

Central Point: 1st out of 1 and grand and 1st out 1 and reserve grand
Grants pass 1st out of 2 and reserve grand
Not bad for her 1st year in milk!

She was very thin in 2003, I'm hoping I can get her back in shape before I show her in 2004. Here's her show record though.
Central Point: 2x2nd out of 2
Grants Pass: 1st in a class of one.....
Newbe and her daughter Satin took 2nd out of 5 in the dam and daughter class and we won the dairy herd group with Newbe, Peppermint and Pixie

1st out of 1
Newbe and her daughter Tawny won 2nd out of 6 in dam and daughter and Newbe, Peppermint and Ramie (all Honey's daughters) won the dairy herd!

Central Point: 2x 3rd out of 3
Grants Pass: 1st out of one

Central Point: 2x 2 out of 2
Grants Pass 1 out of one and 2 out of two
3 out of 4 for produce and dam
1st out of 4 in dam and daughter, this was an easy 1st according to the judge. the improvement on the daughter over the dam is why we will not sell Newbe! Her kids have all done very well, in the show ring and in the milking stand.

Newbe has a permanant place with our herd, even if she never takes another grand. One of the judges commented that they were placing Newbe second out of two, but if she were to pick one to take home she would pick Newbe "Because she's a working girl". That she is! She peaked at 21 pounds of milk a day this year and she's had 19 kids in her 5 lactations. She's more than earned her keep in our herd.

Newbe's daughters have all done very well in the ring, her 1st freshening daughter won a reserve and grand in 2005, plus her dry yearling won reserve junior grand and her baby (sired by Perchik) won two junior grands a reserve junior grand and a best junior doe in show in the three rings we showed her in during 2005!

I had trouble getting people to write down my placings for a few years, plus we moved and lost some of the show records, but Newbe, after her break, starting placing at the top of the class again and won 2 more grands to become a permanant grand champion!

milk test records:

2-00 2190 82 73 (average butterfat 3.7%)

5-01 2000 74 68 (average butterfat 3.7%)

6-01 2940 104 95 (average butterfat 3.5%) She was on the top ten list this year. 361 day total: 3180 112 103

7-11 2400 84 74 (average butterfat 3.5%)

8-11 1960 69 59 (average butterfat 3.5%)