3*M R R Resources Marshmaloavalnch

DOB: 04/05/2010

Sire's sire: +B Town-&-Country Seminole Wind N1112775
Sire: +*B SG T&L March's Ranch Wickedwinner N1373163
Sire's dam:2*M SGCH Coffee Cup's Candy Kisses N1096974

Dam's sire:+B All 4 Winds Freeway of Love N1347382
Dam:2*M R R Resources Xtra Spot Sundae N1417699
Dam's dam:1*M R R Resources Natasha N1152237

Marshmalo is a very dairy type doe. Marshmalo freshened with a very well attached udder. I would like to pull the teats in, but it is socked on and a nice looking rear udder. She milked 6.5 pounds on her first milk test at one week fresh and at two weeks fresh she is just over 7 pounds a day. She peaked at 8 pounds( a gallon) a day! She blessed me with three doelings this year so one for me to keep, one is being donated to the Mega Bucks raffle and one to sell! We did sell Marshmalo because of the teat angle, but she is a very dairy type doe and I am hoping her daughter's teats are more properly placed.