6*M R R Resources Lace Barked Elm

DOB: 04/08/2014

Sire's sire: *B Royal Cedars Moon Doggie N1536089
Sire: +B Too Much Bucks Captn Moon Dusty N1616240
Sire's dam: Elk Brook ES Misty Rayne N1456530

Dam's sire: +B GCH R R Resources Yentil N1469653
Dam: 5*M R R Resources Chichle AN1607879
Dam's dam: 4*M The Elegance Of A Willow AN1391516

Casein tested, she is A/B

Lacey is a medium size to small doe, not the biggest of the bunch, but she is solid and wide boddied. She is very strikingly colored and I will be able to breed her to Fiddler, so the babies should be quite pretty. I am anxious to finally get to see my first Dusty daughter I kept fresh in 2016!

Lacey freshened with a small, but glued on udder. She did not milk enough to earn her *M, but I am sure she will do better in 2017. She had a little rough start on her milking when she first freshened, so that made her milk not come in as well as it should have. I do plan on selling her as soon as she earns her *M though. I kept her beautiful daughter and she won a jr reserve grand!

Lacey has a much nicer udder in 2017 and she is milking over 10 pounds a day this year. She should easily earn her 6*M. I do have a deposit on her, she will go to her new home after she earns her *M.

Show record for 2014:
1 x junior grand

2 x 2nd out of 2, she was against Echo

1x 2nd out of 2, again, she is against Echo only...

Milk records:

1-11 860 36 32 (avg butterfat 4.2%) 267 days

2-11 1636 60 57 (butterfat avg 3.5%) 198 - we sold her so this was not a complete lactation, she was still milking over 6 pounds when we sold her.

Linear Appraisal scores:

1 year old ++V+

3 years old 84 +VV+