R R Resources Smoked Kasseri


Sire's sire: +B GCH R R Resources Perchik N1184460
Sire: +B GCH R R Resources Yentil N1469653
Sire's dam:2*M R R Resources Penny N1189652

Dam's sire: +*B SG T&L March's Ranch Wickedwinner N1373163
Dam: 4*M SGCH R R Resources Colby Jill AN1607882
Dam's dam:3*M GCH R R Resources Velveeta GE1346237

Kassy is G6S normal. Kassy is a tall, large bodied doe. She is shopwing a lot more height than a lot of our does which is one of the things we've been breeding for. She, as a dry yearling, is bigger than some of my 2-3 year old does. She got really growthy this year and she is a but "hippy", hoping she grows out of that soon. :) She had a bit of a prococious udder this fall, so hoping she milks well like her generics should send down to her. She will be bred to our new buck so we will see what beautiful babies they give us in the spring.

Her show record:

1x 1st out of 6, 1X 6 out of 6

Milk test records

Linear appraisal scores: