1*M GCH Five-BK Farm Kahlua: DOB: 3/14/97
          Sire's sire: +*B CH Regehrs Alginon's Beaujolais

Sire: +*B CH Manges-Colony Hercules

          Sire's dam: 1*M Manges-Colony Nicholas Ginger
********************************************                 Dam's sire: +B C/F Kansas Hallmark

Dam: Nishna-Veiw Kaktrina's Joy

           Dam's dam: Goldenrod's Katrina J

Kahlua is a 7 year old in the spring of 2004. She is a smaller bodied doe, but other than milk/body capacity she is my perfect doe. She was giving about one and 1/2 gallons a day in 2001 with an udder that is the best attachment I have ever seen.  I've taken off Kahlua's list of wins, it was so long it cluttered her page! Lets just say she did very well in the show ring. She is now a finished grand, getting her 3rd grand in Grants Pass in 2001. Her does (Penny and Nikita) have done excellent in show ring also and Nikita was shown as a 1st freshener in 2002 and took one 1st place and best udder in her class in a class of 9! Kahlua got mastitus mid year so her 2002 show year wasn't good. She, being a finished grand, was only shown in champion challenge classes and took 2 out of 2 and 3 out of 3 because of the lopsided udder (from the mastitus). Until her udder evened back up in 2004! She won the champion challenge class as a 7 year old!  She's done great  in the dam and daughter classes, she and Nikita did great in 2002! They took 2nd out of 7 at Central Point, right behind a beautiful pair of Longman does. Then they took 1st out 9 in Grants Pass! Penny, Kahlua's dry yearling daughter was shown with Nikita in produce of dam in one ring (2002)and they won 1st out of 5. Penny also took the junior grand there.

In 2003 Kahlua still could not win the champion challenge, but the one show we took her to she and Nikita took 4th out of 13 in dam and daughter. Not as good as we had hoped, but still a respectable placing.

In 2004 Kahlua won the champion challange, best udder in breed and best of breed!

We bred kahlua to our young buck,
Flash for her 2005 kids. She only gave us one buck, but he was wonderful! We're repeated that breeding for 2006, beautiful twin BUCKS!.
Kahlua was injured in the summer of 2006, so we will not breed her for 2007 kids. Kahlua has not recovered from her injury, so she will not be bred again. Her kids will sorely be missed each spring and we will miss bringing her to the shows, she always loved the shows!
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Pictures of Kahlua's sire and grand sire
Kahlua is finished now, so we will only show her at a show with a ch challenge class and in the group classes.. She LOVES to go to shows, but hates being clipped...So the main show she will be going to is the county fair. When Central Point has the nubian specialty she gets to go to that show. : ) Since she is my show loving goat she is the one that gets to do the fun things. She got to dress up as "Ruby, the redtailed reindeer" at the 2003 fair. I couldn't resist putting the pictures on here! She also was the champ (2002)and tied for the championship(2003) in the "goat eating contest"at the fair. She eats ALMOST anything! She was the runner up in 2001 to Baa Humbug Farms "Fudge" because they found something Kahlua wouldn't eat. Fudge was runner up in 2002 and the one Kahlua tied with in 2003. Kahlua loves all that extra attention! Kahlua again won the eating contest in 2004
"Okay, the head thing was okay, but what are you putting on my tail???"
"Finally, after all these years they've given me my crown!"
"What? Reindeer antlers?? I thought it was a crown..."