4*M SGCH R R Resources Colby Jill

DOB: 3/9/2012

Sire's sire:+B Town-&-Country Seminole Wind N1112775
Sire:+*B SG T&L March's Ranch Wickedwinner N1373163
Sire's dam:2*M SGCH Coffee Cup's Candy Kisses N1096974

Dam's sire:GCH +B R R Resources Perchik N1184460
Dam:3*M GCH R R Resources Velveeta GE1346237
Dam's dam: 2*M GCH R R Resources New Beginnings GE1152235

Casein tested, she is B/E

Jill is an extremely large, wide doe. She is taller than some of my adult, mature does as a two year old. Her udder is VERY nice, both judges agreed with my opinion of her udder..... Plus both her kids in 2014 were extremely colorful and correct conformation.

Jill has blossomed as a 3 year old, even better than she was last year. She is a very impressive doe to me.

Show record:
GRANTS PASS - 2nd out of 5 and 2nd out of 4

GRANTS PASS - 3rd out of 5 and 2nd out f 4

1x3rd out of 6 and best udder of class and best udder of breed! 1x 1st out of 6 and reserve grand. 1st in these classes: produce of dam, best three seniors, milking herd, dam & daughter(w/Velveeta)

2 x 1st out of 4 and 2 x grand champion, 1 time 2nd out of 4. This was at the Lelea Berry memorial show in May
Grants Pass:
1 x 1st out of 4 and reserve grand, best udder of breed, 1 x 1st out of 3 and grand champion! 2nd out of 5 in dam and daughter, 2nd out of 4 in best three seniors, 2nd out of 2 in dairy herd.

In her second year of milking she was 1x 2nd out of 3 and 1 x 3 out of 3 in CH Challenge class, 1 out of 2 for best three seniors bred by exhibitor, 1st out of 3 in milking herd.

2x 1st out of 3 in her CH challenge class. She also won best in show! 1st out of two for produce of dam, best three seniors and milking herd.

1x 3 out of, 1x 2 out of 3, 1st out of three best three seniors, 1st out of 2 for best milking herd

Milk test records:

2-00 2040 92 70 (avg butterfat 4.5%) 330 day totals 2150 98 75

3-00 2960 129 102 (avg butterfat 4.4%) 305 days, 657 days 5180 234 184

5-00 2862 109 102 (avg butterfat % 3.8)

Appraisal scores:

1 year old ++V+

3 years old 90 VEEE

5 years old 88 VVEE