Honey: DOB: 2/15/96
Honey is a non-papered doe that is 1/2 saanen and 1/2 nubian. She will get her NOP papers after she milks enought to earn her *M. As a 4 year old in 2000 she gave 2 1/4 gallons of milk per day. last year as a five year old she was milking 2 1/2 gallons per day. Her attachment is fairly good except a "pocket" in the front, but Klinger is attaching his daughter's udders very well. She will never be shown, as she has horns. Her daughter of 1999 was shown as a dry yearling at Roseburg in 2000 and won second place and junior reserve grand and 1st place and junior grand.  The doe I kept from her from 2001 won two junior reserve grands in Roseburg and her dry yearling from 2000 won a junior reserve grand in Central Point. Honey is a large doe and her kids are always large, she is tan/orange in color. She has airplane ears!  Be sure to take a look at Honey's rearview picture! She will be for sale after she does her milk test, please let me know if you're interested in her, I will take a deposit to hold her until she's done with her testing enough to earn her star and get her papers. She will be priced at $250 WITH a *M and papers.

Her wether is listed on the wethers for sale pages, his name is Brutus.

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Rearview picture!!
Milk test info on "milk test results" page