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Well, I'm not much on talking about all of us, but I've had several people say I should put something in here about our family. So here goes!
There's Rod, my sweet husband, who is an IBEW electrician, who is currently laid off and looking for work. . He is the one that pays for these goats until they can pay there own way so we're sure struggling right now! He was born and raised in Missouri. Rod met me (Yvonne)  in Florida and we have been married since 1979. Time flies when you're having fun, 'cause it sure doesn't seem that long to me! I was born and raised in Michigan, it's a LONG story how we both ended up in Florida. I'll save you from that by not writing about it!
We have two terrific sons, Chris and Jesse.
Chris has graduated from Western baptist college in 2005. He is very musical, but is working with computers. He's doing a great job at work and has been promoted to supervisor. Chris married his 4+ year girlfriend, Becky, on July 31st, 2004.
Jesse is now working at a wood mill and doing a wonderful job! He has a longtime girlfriend(just passed their 6th year together) named Amber.
We bought our first goats in 1990 while living in NW Missouri and our herd has been growing ever since. You know the old saying "we just bought a couple so we could have fresh goat milk"? Well, that's how we started! We bought our first registered goats in 1997 and moved to Oregon in August of '99, bringing a 16ft. trailer FULL of goats with us! I've always loved goats, so this is so much fun for me! I've put a picture below of me with some of my girls. I've put some pictures of us all on here, that way if you see us somewhere you can stop us and say "Hi"!

Thanks for looking at our webpage, we hope you enjoy it!
Me with Mindy, Tink and Kahlua
Chris and Jesse in
the Redwood forest!
Chris and his packgoat, Fred
Here's a picture of all of us
Here is Rod and the "new me"!
This is Jesse, it's his senior picture!
Rain? Bring it on!
Chris & Becky!