4*M SG R R Resources Echo Mountn Blue

DOB: 3/20/2014

Sire's sire: *B SG Pawpawnin Xcaliber N1427684
Sire: +B SG Pawpawnin Aragon N1535290
Sire's dam: Celtic Stars IMA Kiaway N1346643

Dam's sire: +B GCH R R Resources Perchik N1184460
Dam: 3*M GCH R R Resources Velveeta GE1346237
Dam's dam: 2*M GCH R R Resources New Beginnings GE1152235

Casein tested, she is A/B

Echo is a very big, solid doe. I was not going to keep two Velveeta's daughters, I had already kept Jill. After seeing my Aragon daughters freshen and then how excellant Echo looked I just could not resist keeping one more Velveeta daughter and one last Aragon daughter before I sold him! I have high hopes for Echo, but she has a big sister who is outstanding, so she has a lot to live up to! She will kid in spring of 2016, so we will see soon!

Echo is turning into a really nice doe...and HUGE! She is bigger than some of my adult does. Her teat placement is so perfect, I am anxious to see that udder in the spring. of course Jill is going to be hard to beat, since she is not a permanant CH and also milking better than anyone else in the herd currently....

Echo did not dissappoint! She has a beautiful udder with great teat placement. I was excited to see how well she milked and how easy she is to milk and she still has that sweet, mellow temperment.

Unfortunately we lost Echo close to the end of her pregnancy in 2018. She had a BIG load of kids and was having trouble towards the end and just did not make it. She was SUCH a loss to the herd, definitely one of our best does. Luckily, God apparently nudged me to keep a daughter in 2017, as I had not planned on keeping one so soon. So we are blossed to ahve a daughter of Echo's in our herd still! Her name is Julianna, she is our last Dusty daughter we kept...kind of like Echo was our last Aragon daughter we had kept. Echo will be sorely missed, she was a joy to have in the herd. Such a sweet doe and easy to milk...what a loss for our herd....

Show record for 2014:
1 x junior grand

2 x 1st out of 2 and reserve grand, 2nd out of 3 in produce of dam, 1st out of 2 in 3 seniors bred by me, 1st out of 3 for milking herd

Show record 2017:
1x 1st out of 2 & grand Champion, 1x 1st out of 1,1st out of 2 for produce of dam, 2nd out of 3 in dam and daughter, 1st out of two for best 3 seniors and milking herd

Milk records:

2-00 2350 121 93 (avg butterfat 5.1) 305 days, 313 days 2380 123 95

2-11 2660 126 105 (avg butterfat% 4.7) 342 days 2774 132 111

Linear Appraisal scores:

1 yr old V+VV

3 yrs old 87 +EVE