2*M GCH R R Resources Daisy Duke

DOB: 03/12/2013

Sire's sire: *B SG Pawpawnin Xcaliber N1427684
Sire: +B SG Pawpawnin Aragon N1535290
Sire's dam: Celtic Stars IMA Kiaway N1346643

Dam's sire: +*B R R Resources Tons Of Flash N1315329
Dam: 1*M R R Resources Zsa Zsa GE14877036
Dam's dam: The El Iu's Laura's Granny Bea GS1405356

Casein tested, she is A/B

Daisy is a very large, strong doe. She has the potential for an excellent udder and I am anxious to see if it lives up to my expectations!

She freshened with a very well attached udder and at a month fresh is really trying to hit and stay at 10 pounds a day! VERY happy with her udder. Plus when we clipped her up she looks very dairy and smoothly blended.

Daisy made the top ten list for her 1st lactation in 2015 and was on the elite doe list in 2016! She also has made the top ten list for her second lactation in 2016!

Daisy is maturing even better each year, if that's possible! She won both grands in 2017, but only one counted. But in 2018 she got that finally grand she needed and is now a permanant grand champion! She is definitely one of my best does!

Show record:
2013 - junior grand

1x2nd out of 4, 1x1st out of 4 and reserve grand, Dam and Daughter 1st out of 5, Best 3 seniors 2nd out of 3, Best dairy herd 1st out of 3

1x 2 out of 4, 1 x 1 out of 2 and reserve grand, 2nd out of 9 in dam & daughter with Zsa Zsa

2x1st out of 1, 2 grand champions (1 was not official...or she would be finished!)

1st out of 4 in dam & daughter, 1st out of 2 for best three seniors, 1st out of 2 in milking herd


2x1 out of 5, 1 reserve grand, 1 grand champion...her finally 1 needed!, 1st out of 1 dam & daughter

1 x 2 out of 2, 1 x 1st out of 2 in the champion challenge class, 1 x 1 out of 1 for produce, 1 x 2 out of 2 for dam and daughter

Daisy's milk records:

2-00 2350 109 91 (avg butterfat 4.6%) 305 day, 309 days 2360 109 91

3-00 3010 143 112 (avg butterfat is 4.8%) 305 days, 319 days 3030 144 113

3-11 2783 120 108 (avg butterfat % 4.3) 315 days 2798 121 108

Daisy's linear appraisal scores:

2 years old 88 VVVV

4 years old 90 VEEE