1*M GCH R R Resources True Class


Sire's sire:+B Five-BK Farm Kling To Her
Sire: +B GCH R R Resources Perchik
Sire's dam:Nubilop-Acres Lollipop

Dam's sire:+B Manges-Colony Kaleidoscope
Dam: R R Resources Rejoice
Dam's dam:1*M R R Resources Windy Wendy

Classy is G6S normal. Classy suits her name beautifully. She walks with elegance in the show ring, just glides around the ring! She is a beautiful doe and she freshened in 2006 with a beautiful udder to match, just as we had hoped!

Her show record:

2004:Grants Pass: 1st out of 5
2005:Central Point:3rd out of 6 and 4th out of 6, Grants Pass:1st out of 8 and junior grand champion
2006:Central Point:2x1st out of 4 and two grand champions!Grants Pass:2 x 1st out of 4 2nd out of 5 for get of sire clas with Vikita and one of Katie's
2007:Central Point:2x 2nd out of 7 Grants Pass:1st out of 5 1st out of 2 Get of sire w/ Vikita & Xeme 2nd out of 6 Dairy herd w/ Vikita & Sparkles 2nd out of 6
I cannot find the 2008 qnd 2009 records, but she did get one more grand and finished!

Milk test records

2-01 1470 88 61 (avg butterfat 6%) 313 day amounts: 1480 89 61

3-00 1220 65 45 (avg butterfat 5.3%)

4-01 1360 74 52 (avg butterfat 5.4%)

5-01 980 51 36 (avg butterfat 5.2%) (only 166 days, I dried her up early)

5-11 960 50 32 (avg butterfat 5.2%) (only 164 days, I dried her up early)

6-11 970 51 35 (avg butterfat 5.3%) (only 198 days, I dried her up early)

We had to retire Classy in 2013, she did not breed for two seasons. Apparently the last babies she had messed something up in there. I look forward to getting granddaughter from her daughter Classic Bubbles that we sold! We sure had not planned on losing her wonderful line!