5*M R R Resources Chichle

DOB: 3/11/2012

Sire's sire:+B GCH R R Resources Perchik N1184460
Sire: +B GCH R R Resources Yentil N1469653
Sire's dam:2*M R R Resources Penny N1189652

Dam's sire:+B All 4 Winds Freeway Of Love N13457382
Dam:4*M The Elegance of a Willow AN1391516
Dam's dam: 3*MR R Resources Twiggy GE1312543

Chichle is a very nice looking doe. She is wide and long boned. She is very easy to milk with a nice udder. I would like to see a better suspension ligament though. Her teats are wide and angled out a bit too much, but her udder has tightened up quite a bit her second freshening. Chichle has one of the best toplines we have ever produced in our lines.

Chichle is a very nice doe. I wish all my goats had toplines like she does! But with having to make deeper cuts I have decided to sell Chichle. She had quads this year so lost some weight. As soon as her weight is back on she will be for sale for $375. The reason I am selling her is her teats still angle out some, she has not won another grand in the showring...and last, but not least, she sometimes has an attitude. That last issue is why I finally decided to sell her. I am tired of dealing with goats with attitudes and am having to make such hard cuts that this is a thing I am now trying to weed out. In a smaller herd with more spoiling I'm sure she would thrive, but in a bigger herd like mine she just gets tempermental sometimes. She does love to milk though, so if you're looking for a good milker who throws beautiful kids to sell to pay for her hay Chichle could be just what you're looking for!

Show record:
GRANTS PASS - 3rd out of 5 and 1st out of 4 and Grand Champion

2nd out of 6, 4th out of 6

1x2nd out of 4

2 x 1st out of 4

Milk test records:

2-00 1670 70 59 (avg 4.2% butterfat) 280 days

3-00 2260 89 82 (avg butterfat 3.9%) 305 days (316 days 2300 92 84)

4-00 2120 85 79 (avg butterfat 4%) 290 days

Appraisal scores:

1 year old: VVVV

3 years old: 87 VVEV