3*M Slu's Candice The Candywrapper

DOB: 1/21/2012

Sire's sire:SG +*B Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista N1373327
Sire: *B Kastdemur's I'll Be Back N1405603
Sire's dam:SG 2*M Kastdemur's Mystique N1300025

Dam's sire:GCH +B R R Resources Perchik N1184460
Dam:2*M R R Resources Sable GN1265939
Dam's dam:1*M R R Resources Chilly Milly GN1109017

Candice has a very nice temperment and she seems very dairy type to me. She is G6S normal! She is milking well this year.I would like to see her suspenson ligament tighten up and draw her teats in. She is easy to milk and has do ne fine on her milk amount for a first freshener. I asm keeping her until spring and hopefully will get a doeling to keep from her. I may sell her if the suspension ligament does now tighten up though. She has a very nice forudder and the udder is high in the back and well attached. I did end up selling Candice, but kept her daughter, Fantasia.

Show record:
GRANTS PASS - 2 x 1st out of 1

GRANTS PASS - 2nd out of 5 and 3rd out f 4

2x4th out of 6

Milk test records:

2-02 1500 86 58 (avg butterfat 5.7%) 317 days 1540 89 60

Appraisal scores:

1 year old: VV+V