Mega Bucks Show

This will be a 3 ring, buck only show on the 1st Saturday in May in 2020, May 2nd, at Grants Pass Oregon. Our judges will be Lorelei Hallock, Sam Whiteside & Sarah Hazeltine. This will be a single sanctioned show, ADGA sanctioned, ADGA rules apply. These are the breeds we will have at this year's show: Lamancha, Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, Oberhasli and the AOP class which includes the Alpines, Toggenburgs, Sables and Saanens.IF the Guerseys are accepted and allowed to show they will be in the AOP class also. As soon as we get ten of any of these breeds the following year we will pull them out of the AOP class if the breeders let us know they will be coming to the show again.

This is our 19th annual show and we do a few things to raise money to support this show. We could not have had the 1st 17 shows without a lot of help! Ways we will be raising money are listed below. Please continue to support this show by participating in any of these things.

We have decided, instead of not having trophies, to have a "trophy exchange table". The response to our trophy exchange table in 2006 were a definite good thing. If you have old trophies in good condition that you would like to donate please contact us so we can either have you mail them or figure out a way to get them to Hugo, Oregon. We will then be able to just change the plate on them, plus possibly the top part and use them for our future awards. We also would love donations for our trophy exchange table, the things we put on the table are between a $5 and $10 value. The more items we get donated the fewer we have to purchase, so it saves the show funds. These things will be put on a table and the trophy winners can exchange their trophy for one of these items if they would prefer them over the trophy. We do get approximately half of our trophies back to be able to usethem for the next year by doing this. Just contact us if you want to donate a trophy or an item for the trophy exchange table, or just bring it to the show with you if you are coming.

We host an online auction on the CTTF auction that will start in January 2020. Go to We take any donations you are able to donate for that auction to help raise the funds we need to get ADGA dues, insurance, fairgrounds fees, etcetera all paid before the show. You can donate from anywhere in the country if you want to help. We get bidders from all over, even had a winner in Canada one year! So please donate and bid generously!

We are finally making our show t-shirts again! It's been a long time since we have had them made. They have to be ordered by the beginning of April for us to get the order in when they need it. So if you want to help with this fundraiser and show your support for our show by wearing a Mega Bucks t-shirt here's the order forms: NOTE! Since we had only 10 shirts ordered for 2019 we have decided to not make shirts for 2020. If anyone will want us to start making them again in a later year let me know. We are also looking for a less expensive place to make the shirts, which may help us to be able to offer them again. We were designing these shirts annually as a fundraiser, making a new design each year so they are kind of collectables. We did not make any money, they actually cost us money to make them in 2019, because of the low number of shirts ordered. So until we find a more reasonably price shirt shop and find out more people would be ordering shirts we will stop making the shirts.

We always try to get one doeling of each breed donated for our raffle. I know this is a great way to top off a wonderful show!! We are hoping to be able to have all 7 breeds donated for our 2018 show. We also have been offered a possible Guernsey in the past, we would love to have one donated if you have enough this year! Anyone interested in donating a doeling please contact me as soon as possible. We will also be raffling other wonderful items at the show. We hope to have many donations brought or transported for the raffle, all donations are so very much appreciated! Every penny helps to pay for the show each year! So there hopefully will be an awesome raffle again this year! : ) Bring your raffle money! The tickets for the doelings will be $5 each or 3 tickets for $10. The other item tickets will cost less, 50 cents to two dollars a ticket. The raffle will be started after a short (approx. 15 minute) break when the show is finished. If you are donating an item of a value of $25 or more to our raffle please contact me and we will have a sign and jar ready for your item when you come. Any other item please feel free to bring them to the show with you(or contact me if they need a ride to the show!), we will fix a jar for them when we get them! I will also list the items with a $25 value or more on this webpage so people will know things they will be able to buy tickets on. Of course any item brought to the show will be greatly accepted. If you would like to donate to the raffle and are unable to attend please let me know and we'll try to find a ride for the item, this includes the doelings. :D
Please email me direct if you are wanting to contact the club about anything. Yvonne Roberts More information on the show and the entry form can be found here.
Our check in is on Friday afternoon/night and Saturday morning. We will again have a potluck type meal for you on Friday during check in. We hope to have a nice spread for you! There will be hot coffee and things to drink too. The potluck is put on by the VDGA club members.

Awards being donated by:
Best of Breed awards: JoAnna Gavlik of Gavlik Farm in ring #1, Debi Ashton of in ring #2 and Just kidding Around 4H group in ring #3
Reserve grand awards: Pam Hogan of Featherbrained Farm
Junior grand awards: Judy Grimsby of Grimsby Farm


Alpine Doeling being donated by:

Lamancha doe being donated by:
Lin Bennet
of Strike It Rich Farm

Nigerian Dwarf Doeling being donated by:

Nubian doeling being donated by:
Christal Nelson
of 2CRAZYCHICKS nubians and nigerians

Oberhasli doeling being donated by:
Judy Grimsby
Grimsby Farm

Recorded grade doeling being donated by
Tasha Katzenbach
of Skookum's farm

Saanen doeling being donated by:

Sable doeling being donated by:
Shannon Richardson if they are able to, we are looking for a "backup" for the sable in case she does not have a doeling available
of Skookum's Farm

Toggenburg doeling being donated by:

Soap basket donated by:
Pam Hogan
Featherbrained Farm

Wooden Bear donated by:
A friend of Sonya Shields
To see pictures of him look at this page: