Bucks for Sale

On April 6 Classy gave us a set of triplets, 2 buck and 1 doe, all are beautifully spotted! They are sired by Shiraz and they are americans. Classy is milking 12 pounds at less than two weeks fresh! Her udder is justbeautiful too! I have high hopes she will get that finaly grand she needs to be a permanant grand champion this year! One of the bucklings is for sale for $400 on the bottle or $425 weaned.

Legend at one week

Here is Classic Legend at one week old

Legend's right side at one week

Here's his right side at a week old

Legend's Face

Here's Legend's face. I think the coloring on his ears is very unique!

On April 6 Birdy gave us a big, beautiful buckling! He is a purebred and he is sired by Klondike. Birdy is a small doe, she was the runt of the litter, but this buckling was probably our biggest kid all season this year! Birdy is milking 6 pounds a day, 3/4 gallon. So her body may be small, but her kid and her milk amount are plenty big! He is priced at $250 on the bottle or $275 weaned.

Lone Eagle at a week old

Here is Lone Eagle at a week old. He is SO big! When we disbudded him he was too tall for the box, so we couldn't put the lid down!

Eagle's right side at 1 week old

Here's his right side, he is just a handsome buck!

Lone Eagle's face

Here's his face..sticking his tongue out at all those other little goats. LOL!

On April 13 Jackie gave us two beautiful bucklings! These are american nubians and they are sired by Klondike. Jackie is really giving us lots of milk...at 4 days fresh she is already over 3/4 of a gallon a day! UPDATE! At 16 days fresh she milked TEN pounds a day! 1 1/4 gallon a day! Pretty good for a 1st freshener! I think she is going to be a heavy milker like her dam! Awesome teat placement and a beautiful udder! She already won her junior grand...I can see more grands in her future! These bucklings are priced at $250 on the bottle or $275 weaned. Don't miss this opportunity as her kids will be MUCH higher priced next year.

All of our bucks and does are G6S normal, so all kids are G6S normal. This may be the last of our bucklings for the year....