Bucks for Sale

On March 31st BeDazz gave us a set of quads, two does and 2 bucks. They are sired by Shiraz and they are americans. We have one buckling for sale, he is very dairy type. Bedazz won a jr grand and best doe in show and her sire and dam are both permenant grand champions and both won best in show at age 7 years old. We did his registration, so all he has to have is his transfer if you buy him. Roy is for sale for $450.

Roy at 3 months old

Here is "R R Resources Corduroy King" at 3 months old, he is much bigger now (at almost a year old)and his neck is big as he is in rut this fall.

Roy's left side at 3 months old

Roy's left side at 3 months old.

Roy's face

Here's Roy's face

Roy's rear shot

Here's Roy's rear view at 3 months old...he is much bigger now!

All of our bucks and does are G6S normal, so all kids are G6S normal.