4*M R R Resources Coconut Blizzard

DOB: 04/07/2012

Sire's sire:*B SG Pawpawnin XCALIBER N1427684
Sire:+B SG Pawpawnin Aragon N1607881
Sire's dam:Celtic Stars IMA Kiaway N1346643

Dam's sire: +*B SG T&L March's Ranch Wickedwinner N1373163
Dam:3*M R R Resources Marshmaloavalnch N1527087
Dam's dam:2*M R R Resources Xtra Spot Sundae N1417699

Casein tested, she is B/B

Blizzy is a very dairy type doe. She is not our biggest yearling, but she is very correct and she looks like she will have a very nice teat placement too. Great breed charactor too!
Blizzy freshened with a great, easy to milk udder. Her kids were so nice we are keeping her buckling (Fiddler). The judge's did not like her as much as I do, but we will see how she freshens next year. She is milking well and I LOVE her udder and teat placement. Hopefully the judges will see what I do next year. :)

Oh my, did her udder blossom in 2015 as a second freshener. I truly saw this udder last year, that is one of the reasons I chose to keep her son for our new junior herdsire. I expect her to do very well this year.

Blizzy has been having issues with her udder for the last couple years. So her milk produstion is down and she is not showing well. I know what her udder was like and I love her confornation, so she will be staying as her kids are always excellant quality. If you look at her son we have kept, Klondike, her son that we had until he passed away suddenly, Fiddler, and her daughter we kept, Sprinkles, you will see what she produces with Yentil. Top quality!!

Blizzy will stay here until she passes away, she is truly a wondeful doe! I know because of the damage to her udder she will not show well, but she has proven herself over many times with the awesome kids she and Yentil have had over the years. Her temperment is so good, she is so easy to milk and just keeps producing such quality kids. Her daughter we kept has freshened with a beautiful, easy to milk udder and her sons we kept have done amazing things.

On March 8, 2019 Blizzy passed away after fighting a battle with katosis. I suspct she had another set of Quads in that big belly. She will be missed in the herd and in my heart. We have Sprinbkles and Klondike in our herd and she has some wonderful sons and daughters out there to keep her lines going.

Her show record:
GRANTS PASS - 2nd in a class of 5, 3rd out of 5 in a class of 6

GRANTS PASS - 2X 1st in a class of 4, 2X junior reserve grand champion, 1st out of 4 for Breeder's choice

1x5th out of 6, 1x2nd out of 6, 1 out of 1 get of sire and best 3 seniors, 1 out of 2 milking herd

2 out of 3 and 4th out of 4

2 x 2nd out of 4

1x 3 out of 3

1x6 out of 6

Milk test records:

2-00 1680 80 63 (avg butterfat 4.8%) 276

2-11 1900 93 72 (avg butterfat 4.9%) 296 days

3-11 1930 97 72 (avg butterfat 5%) 286 days

4-11 1579 65 62 (avg butterfat % 4.1) 244 days

Appraisal scores:

1 year old: V++V

3 years old 85 VVVV

5 years old 86 VVV+