5*M R R Resources Yonder Beauty


Sire's sire:*B Manges-Colony Kaleidoscope
Sire:+*B R R Resources Tons Of Flash
Sire's dam: 1*M R R Resources Lil' Nugget

Dam's sire:+*B Longman's Triple Smooth Blend
Dam:4*M R R Resources Vivid Beauty
Dam's dam:3*M R R Resources Royal Beauty

Beauty freshened with an outstanding udder. She was a very small doe, but is growing now and trying hard to catch up to the other does. She was not a heavy milker, but she did fine for her size. The udder is shaped beautifully and attached tightly. I really feel she will mature into a wonderful doe!

Beauty freshened as a second freshener with a even better udder and is maturing nicely. I am VERY happy with Beauty, but she needs to milk better, she's a bit on the fat side this summer.

As a 3rd freshener Beauty has come into her own, She is level, her udder is smoothly attached and she has grown a lot in stature. I bred her to yentil for the first time this year and her daughter was one of the best kids we had in 2012! I will definitely be repeating that breeding!

Beauty won a junior grand in 2008 and a senior reserve grand in 2010 as a 1st freshener.

Unfortunately Beauty lost half her udder, she freshened with it hard and I was unable to get the milk out. So no more showing for her. I am VERY happy to have a daughter from her this year to keep.UPDATE: I did breed her in 2016 one more time, but still only half the udder was working, so she blessed me with one more doe to keep and she is now retired.

Show record for 2011:
2 times 1st out of 3

2 x 1 out of one and reserve grand

1x 1st out of 3 and 1x 1st out of one, Grand Champion, 1st out of 1 best 3 senior does, 1 x 2nd out of 2 milking herd, 1 x 1st out of 4 get of sire

Milk records:

2-00 950 54 38 (avg butterfat 5.7%)

2-10 1230 71 50 (avg butterfat 5.8%)

3-10 1120 60 39 (avg butterfat 5.4%) only 22 days because she was dried up early because of my surgery

4-9 1680 90 65 (avg butterfat 5.4%) 348 day total 1790 95 70

6-9 610 29 21 (avg butterfat 4.8%) 172 (dry on half her udder and dried up early so she could stay home from fair)

7-10 360 17 13 (avg butterfat 4.7%) 89 days in milk. She was dried up asap and retired as her udder was not working on one side

Linear appraisal scores:

3 yrs old 88 V+VV

5 yrs old 87 VVVV

7 yrs old 88 EEEV (this is with one side of her udder completely dried up)