6*M R R Resources Be Dazzled Satin

DOB: 04/03/2013

Sire's sire: +B GCH R R Resources Perchik N1184460
Sire: +B GCH R R Resources Yentil N1469653
Sire's dam: 2*M R R Resources Penny N1189652

Dam's sire: +*B R R Resources Tons Of Flash N1315329
Dam: 5*M GCH R R Resources Xstar Velvet AN1417698
Dam's dam: 4*M R R Resources Dotted Velvet AN1343378

Casein tested, she is A/A

Be Dazz is a very nice dry yearling. She has a lot of potential for a nice udder and she is very large for her age and she is flat boned. I am anxious to see if her udder matches the rest of her!

BeDazz did not dissappoint! Her udder is very nice and she is milking right around a gallon a day at 3 weeks fresh. I am anxious to get her hair clipped later this summer and see what is under all that hair! She is going to be taller than her mother I think too.

Show record:
1st and junior grand and Best doe in show!

2 x 1st out of 7 and 1 reserve grand, 1st out of 4 in Dam and daughter, 2nd out of 2 for best three does, 2nd out of four in dairy herd

1x 1 out of 4, 1x 2nd out of 4,Dam & daughter with Xstar 1st out of 4, Best three seniors bred by exhibitor 1 out of 2, Milking herd 1st out of 3

1x 4 out of 4...Bedazz was not feeling well because of 4 dead babies and had some mastitus issues so was low on milk at the show and dried up early.

1x2 out of 6, 1x3 out of 5, 2nd out of 5 dam and daughter.... Bedazz again had issues with kidding quads and mastitus...hoping for a better year in 2019! I told her to try having TWO kids this time!!

BeDazz's milk records:

2-0 1820 68 63 (avg butterfat 3.7%) 286 days

2-11 1890 73 71 (avg butterfat 3.9%) 282 days

3-11 980 32 34 (avg butterfat 3.3%) 185 days

4-11 1058 37 38 (avg butterfat 3.5)228 days

5-11 1018 39 38 (avg butter % 3.8) 203 days

BeDazz's linear appraisal scores:

2 yrs old 85 VVV+

4 yrs old 86 VEVV